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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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plus... hawkeye fans are starting their trek to california for the rose bowl. how the weather impacted their travel today... and a live report from our sports team are straight ahead. after a break this afternoon... more snow is falling in iowa... and parts of the state are seeing sleet... good evening. i'm sonya heitshusen... thanks for joining us... a winter storm is expected to leave up to ten inches of snow in some parts of the state... along with sleet and high winds.. let's get right to meteorologist brett mcintyre... who's been tracking the storm all day. brett... when will this all pass? road conditions aren't getting much better tonight - in some
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getting worse. that second
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freezing rain hit just as people are heading home from work and returning home after the holiday. let's get a check on the interstates now. trooper doug cutts with the iowa state patrol joins us now by phone... tropper cutts, where are you
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traffic is also moving slow on side streets jodi whitworth joins us live outside our who studios jodi how are the roads right now in the metro? aid lib... current conditon..
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november... it took city crews 19 hours to clear 7 inches of snow... this storm is dropping all that and then some.. crews have a lot of road to cover and it calls for a lot of man power enough to use. 540123 - weve got a layer of salt brine down on all of the snow routes on dry pavement now there is layer of salt under the snow. so when the plow goes over the snow routes rock salt on top of that last little bit that can get scrapped off this is just the second time plow wing formation to the test... the plows at once -- only on the major roads -- and clears them in one pass.
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major roads first -- then work their way inwards to the residential side streets. last night --- crews laid a salt - brine solution on the road to help the snow not stick the road.. and crews say that, road temperatures and light traffic helped make today's snow removal easier. that may have worked in the cities favor... but for iowans trying to travel from des moines to pasadena for the rose bowl... the storm forced them to re -route their trip 1:01 - we kind of had to come up with a game plan and decided to pick up our rental car sunday afternoon and then we jetted out about 3:30 - 4 o clock this morning and headed west bound on 80. we hit a few showers around omaha but i think we got out in good time. so far so good - phoner justin engstrom snow ordinances are in effect for des moines and many of the surrounding areas. also you can keep up
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snow removal status online. we have all the information on our website who - tv dot com getting out of des moines by air isn't easy either... several flights were delayed or canceled today. airport officials say the runways here are clear, but that's not necessarily the case at some of the country's major hubs. some hawkeye fans, hoping to start their trek to the rose bowl this morning had to make alternate plans. some opted to drive to minneapolis... others hope to catch a flight tomorrow. 21:28:09--26 "we were just waiting for our flight to leave at what, 3:15 and it got cancelled and first it was delayed and then it was cancelled. then we came down to american and they don't have any flights until friday. that's the earliest flight that they had that we could get on so." and this is a live look at the departure schedule at the des moines airport. most flights taking
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this evening have been grounded. many arrivals are also cancelled. so call your airline for updated information before you leave for the airport. we know a couple people who did make it out of des moines this morning. keith murphy and michael admire are now in california....along side the iowa hawkeyes. we'll have a live report on how the team is getting ready for this week's rose bowl.. also still ahead, a des moines women loses her life in a bush crash in chicago. the reason the bus driver told police he lost control... but first, des moines police are looking for a person of interest in the city's latest homicide... why detectives need that person's help to solve the deadly shooting. as 20-15 comes to a close, des
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the city's 21st homicide of the year.... two people were shot late last night... inside an apartment building on the city's south side. it happened at 52-01 south union around eleven o'clock. officers found 36-year old tacono conner dead in a hallway on the second floor... 37-year old amy stolki was wounded but is expected to survive. officers are not sure what led to the shooting... no one has been arrested, but detectives do have a person of interest they want to talk to. 47:07 we had some good witnesses all of them had varying degrees of information but putting the puzzle together the one piece that we are missing is this person we'd like to speak to. we think he has some detailed information that will help us. 47:18 police say those involved in the shooting knew each other... and
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not a random act of violence. a des moines women died today when the charter bus she was riding in, crashed in chicago... bus passenger "i was asleep, and then i heard a big boom, and i woke up, and there was glass everywhere. people were screaming." investigators say the burlington trailways bus was on interstate-55 when the driver lost control and hit a construction sign. the driver told police he was trying to avoid a truck moving into his lane. paramedics took 21-year-old nicole underwood to the hospital, where she died. four other passengers were hospitalized. the company says the onboard g-p-s system shows the bus was going 49 miles per hour in a 55-mile per hour zone. des moines police need your help finding a robbery suspect that might be responsible for five robberies. the latest robbery took place at this git and go on easton boulevard this afternoon. it's the second time that convenience store has been robbed since december 13th. this is a picture of the suspect. police believe he also robbed the kum and go at 42-hundred hubbell
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urbandale avenue once - all since the 13th. the suspect is described as a white man in his twenties.. about six feet tall and 200 pounds. if you have any information on the suspect call des moines police or polk county crime stoppers. it's also feeling like winter on
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it's also feeling like winter on the west coast... relatively speaking... keith murphy is in downtown l-a... where it's cool outside... we'll go there live... as keith and the gang catch up with the iowa hawkeyes as they prepare for the
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but it's close
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lowrye's beef bowl sold out crowd expected. the 102nd rose bowl kicks off friday at 4:10 p-m iowa time.
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coming up next on the news at nine... heavy snow moved into the metro this
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